The Oracle's Prophecy Series Description

The Oracle’s Prophecy Series Description

In this five-book fantasy series, Ben Scott, a reasonably typical American youth, finds himself thrust into a deadly contest for supremacy between light and dark magic when he blunders into Earth's mystical twin world of Bespri. There Ben meets Mizli, an exotically dusky beauty who is as lively and charming as he is shy and cautious. Learning that the Oracle of Bespri has prophesized change in magic's fundamental nature from evil to good, Ben is swept up in Bespri’s rapidly escalating magical conflict, which is affecting his world as much as it is Mizli’s. A shared destiny pairs the teens in a series of perilous adventures in a coming-of-age tale of growing empowerment and integrity as they strive to deal with escalating challenges and find their way through a twisting maze of deception and magic.

The story of Ben and Mizli’s efforts to meet the challenge of the Oracle’s prophecy is told in the first two books of the series, Magic Rising and Cennia Song. Mizli and Ben’s second adventure begins with the third book, Guardian Academy, and is concluded in the fourth Book, Earthan Conspiracy. The fifth book, Magic Vortex, tells of their climactic effort to establish the peace that had been foretold by the Oracle.

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Guardian Academy

The Challenge of Their Lives

Amid rumblings of impending danger, Ben and Mizli are accepted into Caldae’s famed Guardian Academy. The training there by valiant Guardian Fellows, whose mastery of magic defeated the massive Feyren army the previous summer, is known to be dauntingly rigorous.

Mizli, struggles to relearn most of the magical skills she lost in the encounter with Kantab, and finds the training to be just as challenging as it is reputed to be. Ben, who has never done magic, thinks it’s hopeless. But, with mysterious unexpected encouragement and tutoring, he is managing to squeak by. Then the Feyrens strike.

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